September 3

Feline Gestation Calculator


Feline Gestation CalculatorWhen will my kittens be born?

When planning the date that I want my kittens to be born and to hopefully not coincide with any cat shows I have planned I use this useful tool to work out when my kittens are due to be born. Of course my cats do not use computers to work out when to have their kittens but I still find it is good to know within a couple of day when kittens are due. I then usually just cross my fingers for a daytime delivery!
Work out when your kittens are due.

The normal gestation period for a cat is sixty-five days, although this may vary a day or two either side. I like to use day two of the honeymoon as my conception date.

Using the form below should help make pin-pointing the date of the expected birth easier.


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