Siamese & Oriental Cat Breeders in Hampshire

Siamese and Oriental cats and kittens bred for health, temperament and gorgeous good looks.

Burnthwaites Oriental and Siamese Cats

My name is Ross and I am a breeder of Oriental and Siamese cats and kittens based in Hampshire. I hope you enjoy reading through my website and also enjoy meeting all of my Siamese and Oriental cats and kittens. I occasionally have both Oriental and Siamese kittens for sale to both show and pet homes and for more information please visit my kitten page.

My cattery name is registered with the GCCF. I am very proud of all my cats and so for this reason I am equally proud to say that all my kittens will carry my GCCF registered prefix Burnthwaites.

Oriental Bicolour

Burnthwaites Pepe Le Pew

Red Point Siamese

Imp Gr Ch Burnthwaites Scarlet-Fever

Seal Point Siamese

Ch Mafdet Matrix

Chocolate Tabby Siamese

Bellameze Princess-Elsa

My aim as a cat breeder is to breed cats and kittens of good show type but with the health, temperament and socialisation of my kittens being of paramount importance. So for this reason my cats are my pets first and foremost and live indoors with me as part of a loving family environment.

I love both showing and breeding my cats and am lucky enough to have met some great people who share my passion for this hobby. I enjoy showing my beautiful cats with the GCCF. I am an active member of the cat fancy and enjoy my work on cat club committees, as a delegate to the Siamese Joint Breed Advisory Committee and as a judge of Oriental and Siamese cats.

Oriental and Siamese Cats and Kittens

Oriental and Siamese cats are long and slender medium sized cats that are extremely intelligent and can also be very demanding. Once you have been owned by a Siamese or Oriental cat you will never settle for any other breed. They love human companionship and do well in pairs rather than being the only cat in the home.

Oriental and Siamese cats are often bred together and produce mixed litters of both Oriental kittens and Siamese kittens which is very acceptable and often desirable by cat breeders. Both Siamese and Oriental cats are from exactly the same breed group and gene pool. The only differences are the eye colour and the coat colour. The type, conformation and temperament are all exactly the same.

Siamese cats are what are referred to as pointed cats and have blue eyes and a cream body with the darker base colour restricted to their tail, legs, ears and face (their points). Oriental cats have green eyes and are not pointed cats like the Siamese so do not have their base colour restricted and with the exception of torties, bicolours and tabbies are the same colour all over.

If you are looking for a highly intelligent pet that is very active, extrovert, sometimes vocal and extremely loving and affectionate then perhaps an Oriental or Siamese cat is the breed you are looking for. If you are looking for a much more sedate and easy going type of cat that only really wants to know you at meal times and is not much fuss really then you might be better considering a completely different breed of cat entirely.

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