I thought it would be a good idea to include some links to some useful resources about Siamese and Oriental cats for anyone who is thinking of adding a new Siamese or Oriental kitten to their family. In addition I have included some useful links for cat breeders.

Hiện nay, có rất nhiều trang thể thao bóng đá trực tuyến, nhưng đa số đều có những quảng cáo hoặc chất lượng ko cao hoặc phát lậu, Chúng tôi socolive với bản quyền trực tiếp phát sóng trực tiếp , hứa hẹn sẽ cung cấp cho các bạn những trận bóng đá hấp dẫn nhấtxem bóng đá trực tuyến

CattyLicious is a website for owners of cats and kittens. Providing articles of interest and recommendations to helping owners give cats and kittens long and happy lives. There is also a shop that sells cat products including GCCF show whites and cat show equipment. The site runs alongside the growing community of cat owners on the free Facebook group.

Siamese Cat Breeder is a website all about Siamese cats and kittens. In addition to the many useful articles for cat owners and breeders there are also thousands of cat pictures, videos and full cat show results and photos from all the UK Cat Shows each week. Breeders also advertise their kittens, catteries and stud cats on this website.

GCCF is the UK's largest registry for cats. Often described as the feline equivalent to the kennel club. The GCCF website is a fantastic resource for cat breeders, exhibitors and cat owners. A mine of information including breeding and registration policies, advice for breeders and cat owners and a list of shows throughout the UK.

Cats Whiskers Web Designs are specialist web designers for cat breeders. Creating websites at an affordable price that cover all the bases for a top quality website for cat breeders. Optimised for search engines and with responsive designs that are smart phone, iPad and PC friendly Cats Whiskers are the experts in breeders websites.

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