Burnthwaites Siamese and Oriental Cats

Burnthwaites Siamese have three girls, two Siamese cats and one Oriental cat. Each of these special girls deserve their own individual pages. Please click on their names to view their page.

All of my Siamese and Oriental cats are much loved pets and are very much part of my family. My cats are indoor cats but do enjoy the use of my enclosed outdoor run which gives them freedom to exercise in safety. I do not allow my cats or kittens to free roam.

Cinnamon Tortie Point Siamese Cat

Siamese and Oriental Cats

Siamese and Oriental cats are a very intelligent breed of cat. They are very social and love the company of other felines and also people. Siamese and Oriental cats will not allow you to ignore them! They believe they are the most important beings on the planet and everyone else here is put there for their entertainment. If you can cope with this fact and understand that once you have been owned by a Siamese or Oriental cat then no other breed will ever come close then perhaps you are ready to live with this wonderful breed.

Siamese and Oriental Cats


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