Caramel Point Siamese – Mafdet Shadesofgrey

Caramel point Siamese cat
Mafdet Shadesofgrey

Caramel Point Siamese (24n) DOB 6/8/13

Sire Gr Ch Tintally Mafdet-Esquire (24n) , Dam Mafdet Madina (24n)

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Mafdet Shadesofgrey, a.k.a. Lola, is the most stunning lilac based caramel point Siamese girl. I am very lucky to be able to welcome this girl to my cattery from my good friend Carol Bowles-Gowdy of Mafdet Siamese. Lola is a very gentle girl with a loving nature. Her best friend Lulu is never far from her side and they are usually to be found either playing together, sleeping together or eating from the same bowl.

Caramel Point Siamese Description


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