Oriental Variant Stud Cat – Sarnau Klepto

Oriental Variant Stud Cat

Sarnau Klepto

Oriental Chocolate Spotted Tabby (Longhair Variant) (OLH b 24 82 v)

Sire: Gr Ch Jomese Just-Delicious (SIA b) x Dam: Pippastro Honor Promiss (OLH b 22)

'Greggs' carries both Siamese, classic and dilute.

Greggs is my Oriental chocolate spotted tabby boy and is a longhair carrier. He is a large stocky boy producing strong healthy kittens.

A strong masculine boy, well muscled and with a long tapered tail. Ears are in line with his even wedge and he has a straight profile and firm chin.

His spots are sound to the root and are evenly distributed.

His temperament is first class and he passes this attribute onto his kittens.

Kittens Sired by Greggs

Stud Work

Greggs is primarily for my own breeding program however I am happy to accept visiting Siamese & Oriental queens into stud occasionally. I do have certain requirements that must be met before I accept any queen into stud.

  • All visiting queens must be registered for breeding with a bona fide cat registry such as GCCF, TICA or FB.
  • Visiting girls must be blood tested within 24hrs of arrival for FeLV and FIV. I must have evidence of testing from your vet.
  • Please clip your girls front and back nails.
  • Please ensure your girl is free from parasites such as fleas, worms and ear-mites and also in good general health.

Stud Pens

Greggs stud pen is insulated with separate quarters for your girl.


  1. Your girl will live with Greggs for 48hrs from the day of the first witnessed mating.
  2. When you collect your girl I will provide you with a mating certificate and a copy of the stud cats pedigree.
  3. If your girl does not have any kittens then please contact me to arrange another mating.
  4. When your girl has kittens I do restrict the registration of male kittens to the non-active (not for breeding) register. I place no such restriction on female kittens.

If you have any questions or wish to contact me then please feel free to use the contact form below. You can also contact me by telephone or social media if you prefer.

Burnthwaites Siamese & Oriental Cats

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