The Magicians Ruling the Roost

Merlin and Gandalf – Leaving Home

Both these boys have now left home.

Gandalf and Merlin have now left home and joined their new families as much loved pets. Both the boys are very much missed by myself and my family. However their new families are delighted with the new additions and the boys have both settled in well.

Merlin and Gandalf – 9 Weeks Old

Seal and Chocolate Point Siamese Kittens

Gandalf and Merlin with their pal Blackjack

Both the boys have had a really great couple of weeks and are growing up into fantastic young hooligans. Merlin is definitely the boss in this little duo but Gandalf  is no pushover, together they are nicknamed double trouble! Next week they will visit the vet for the first time and start their inoculations after receiving their first health check.

Merlin and Gandalf – 7 Weeks Old

male Siamese kittens

Magicians 7 weeks old

Our two male Siamese kittens, Merlin and Gandalf, have well and truly taken over the house and as far as they are concerned they rule the roost. They spend most their time either eating, sleeping or running around like little lunatics. Thankfully litter training has gone really well so both these boys are now litter trained and also weaned.


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  1. Joan Holden December 30, 2013 at 4:16 pm #

    I am proud to be the new owner of Merlin (now named Tommy as we have several Merlin’s in our extended families)!! He is the most loving,mischievous,funny Siamese we have had,he has pushed his way into the bed of our Red Oriental (who treated him with disdain from the moment he arrived) with such grim determination,and now let’s Tommy bite his ears without complaint!!! Thank you to Ross and Kelly for breeding and bringing up such a gorgeous little imp and he is now well and truly settled in his forever home having enslaved us all!!! X

    • Ross December 31, 2013 at 10:41 am #

      Hi Joan

      So pleased to hear that Tommy has settled in so well and that your Oriental boy has accepted him. We miss Tommy very much but know he has gone to the perfect home.
      Best wishes,
      Ross & Kelly x

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