Oriental Black Kittens – Introducing ‘The Gamblers’

Three Week Old Oriental Black Kittens

3 Week Old Oriental Kittens

Gamblers 3 weeks old

A wonderful week for both the gamblers with fantastic weight gains for both Roulette and Blackjack. Dutchy continues to do an excellent job with her two sons and is very, very proud of her family.

Both boys are still showing some promise as far as show potential is concerned. I am sure as they grow older the tendon restriction will start to disappear.

Two Week Old Oriental Black Kittens

Oriental Black Kittens

Gamblers now 2 weeks old

Another very good week for both Roulette and also Blackjack. Dutchy is doing an amazing job with her two kittens and they are all very content. Despite Blackjack being born a two clear days later than his brother he has caught up well in both size and development.

Both kittens are looking very promising at the moment, it will be very exciting watching them develop!

One Week Old Oriental Black Kittens

1 week old Oriental black

Roulette – looking gorgeous!

An excellent first week for the boys with both making excellent weight gains. Dutchy must have double cream milk as these kittens are piling on the weight very quickly. I am already starting to get excited about these two boys as I am hoping we may have something a little bit special.

It looks as if both boys are suffering from tendon restriction in their front legs. Roulette in on one front foot and Blackjack on both his front feet. I have seen this condition before in an unrelated pedigree and as the kittens grew the condition disappeared. At this stage I am not worried.

Roulette at the moment looks to have all the prospects of being a super looking show kitten. It is early days though but fingers crossed he continues to develop.

Oriental Black Kittens – Meet ‘The Gamblers’

Oriental Black Kittens

Meet ‘The Gamblers’

Introducing two gorgeous Oriental black kittens from Ch Billstes Going Dutch and Karamushi Cheeky Chester from the magic mating that produced Burnthwaites Earresistable. Both boys are doing well and seem strong and very well taken care of by their devoted mum. Dutchy is doing a fantastic job with her two new kittens and really is the perfect mother.

A slightly unusual delivery with Roulette being born on the Friday to be followed by Blackjack who waited all the way until Monday before he decided to put in an appearance!


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  1. Tiffyancats October 2, 2013 at 2:21 am #

    Two fantastic little black Orientals you can send one of them my way anytime! I so like Roulette

    • Ross October 2, 2013 at 9:26 am #

      Thanks Sheryl 🙂 Two lovely boys, I am so pleased with them. Really looking forward to watching them develop. It will be interesting to see how much Roulette will look like his older brother, Boomer, from the Battlestars litter.

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